Dream Job? What to Consider.

Molly Jennings
4 min readOct 21, 2020

When you are on the hunt for your next permanent job there are always a lot of things to consider that often run deeper than just salary. The reality of job searching is that there is never going to be the absolute “perfect job” however I think that understanding searching is all about give and take and working out what elements really mean the most to you is the most important factor. Careful consideration during the early stages of your search which will help to ensure that when you, hopefully, get started in your dream job you won’t be waking up from this dream 6 months down the line.

Health is Wealth

For me personally I have come to realise that health really is wealthand that, because work naturally becomes a large proportion of your life, you need to ensure it is benefiting your mental state before anything else. The most telling and important factor for me here is that you actually enjoy going into work and that going into the office is not a chore.

Something that can really affect this is a company’s values — it is so important they align with your own and that you feel you and the team are all working towards the same goal and mission. It is essential to research companies properly whilst applying/interviewing; look into their website, company LinkedIn profile, read reviews (Glassdoor is great for this) and really get a feel for who they are and what they stand for.

Feeling like you can easily be yourself in your workplace is another massive factor that can affect your mental health towards work. More and more we hear about company cultures and feel instantly pressured to fit into their ‘ideal’ model, which can often mean that being yourself is pushed to the side. Being in a company where you can truly be yourself within the team is so important as you will spending a large proportion of your time in this environment. Learn more about their extended team and each of their roles within the business to help and gage how would fit into this in a business and personal sense. In regards to structure find out how they work; agile, waterfall, flat structure and whether this would work for you.

Get the Balance

Work life balance is key. I feel like we are all currently living in a world where we feel if we’re not hustling and grinding 24/7 we are not working hard enough — which in reality is crazy talk. Of course there are always periods where you have to work full on for a set time, for example to meet a deadline or a deliverable, however this is not sustainable for everyday life. Your job should be there to benefit and improve your life as a whole and not be the only factor of it.

Working for a company who understands and appreciates that individuals can still have a life of their own whilst also delivering amazing work every day is so important. Look for companies that actually enrich and develop your personal life as well as your working life; at the end of the day if you’re happy, inside and outside of your job, you will naturally work harder.

Let’s Get Down to Business

Although we know that salary is now not everything when looking for a new role, with a mass array of other factors to consider it is still, naturally, a massively important part of any job move. One of the key things here is to know your worth; look at salary surveys, speak to specialist recruiters and really do your homework to ensure you’re pricing yourself right. You need to make sure that you can comfortably afford your lifestyle — it may be your dream job but if you can’t afford to live on the salary it is not the right move for you. Remember to consider potential salary reviews and benefits packages when chatting to different companies as this can affect your yearly take home and also learn what elements of a new role you would be willing to sacrifice for salary and vice versa.

As well as salary career progression and development is to me a huge factor when looking for a new role and taking the next steps in your professional journey. I think it is important to really look into yourself and work out exactly where you want your next role to take you professionally and how to get there. Look into companies you’re interested in and check out their managerial and leadership teams — are they individuals who will motivate you and who you strive to be like in a career sense? Work out who they are as a company; are they pushing boundaries in your field and working disruptively? Are they going to help you develop your skill-set in a forward thinking manor? These are the questions that are really going to help you progress rather than just asking what they are paying.

At the end of the day getting a new job should be all about bettering yourself and your life personally and professionally and I really hope that this piece has helped you think a little more outside the box on factors other than money. If anyone has any questions or is looking for advice around this topic please get in touch! 💛

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